Commissioned Calligraphy: Holly R.


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This is payment for commissioned place card calligraphy as outlined in an invoice dated January 25, 2023.

I am sincerely honored to be a part of your special event! I know that you have put thought and care into your special event. You can trust me to put great thought and care into my work.

Because this may be your first experience commissioning calligraphy from me, I thought it would help to explain a little how all this works. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you again for choosing me to be a part of your special project!


ARTISTIC STYLE: It is an honor to be a part of your special events and I want you to love my work!  Before contracting my services, please spend time reviewing my work to ensure you like and trust my artistic style and abilities.  You can be assured I will create your project to the same quality as the samples on my website.


HANDWRITTEN WORK: Please keep in mind that, unlike computer-generated fonts, the beauty of hand written calligraphy is the natural variation of the letter form.  My hand will not make each letter exactly the same every single time.  These variations result in every piece of writing being a unique work of art.


LICENSING: As the artist, I remain the sole owner of all artistic rights.  Commissioned art is for personal use only.  Separate commercial licensing agreements are available.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Emailed copies of professional photography taken of my work are always appreciated.  You are encouraged to share images on social media (credit with “Calligraphy by Allison Costlow”).  If sharing on Instagram, please tag @thepoppypen.


QUANTITY CHANGES: If the quantity of guests/product decreases after payment of the deposit, the original agreed-upon terms remain in effect.


TEXT SUBMISSION: The provided text will be written exactly as submitted.  For commissioned pieces, no changes may be made after work has begun.  Name/address lists may be provided as Word document or Excel Spreadsheet.  Please note that if the text is not submitted by the requested date, it is likely to delay the order deadline.  For $75 fee we are happy to assist you with list preparation and etiquette review.


ADDITIONAL BLANKS: Please understand that error is inevitable on hand-produced work.  For projects such as envelopes and place cards, please provide a minimum of 20% additional blank product with a minimum of 10 count.  The more extras I have, the faster I can work and the sooner the order will be completed.


CORRECTIONS: Please review the final order upon receipt to be sure there are no corrections needed.  If any corrections are needed, please email a complete list within 72 hours of delivery.